Strategies in Development Communication

A strategy is the careful formulation of plans towards aclie$ng a goal. Since development communication is goal-oriented, one has to be careful in planning communication strategies. There may be a number of communication strategies for the achievement of a particular communication goal. There is a need to analyse these very carefully. Since these strategies are formulated in the context of the developing countries, one should give keen consideration to cost-benefit factors before selecting the right strategy. In the modern world, there is a number of new technologies, media and techniques, which are available to a communication strategy planner. One has to evaluate these alternatives available to him, using cost-benefit analysis and administrative feasibility. Always, one has to keep in mind the target audience. One should be fully satisfied with answering these questions:

Who are the target audiences?
What channels are the audiences familiar with?
What should be the language and content of the message?
What are the barriers to the free flow of communication?
Compass explains a step by step guide for communication strategies here.
Unicef provides a detailed explanation of Strategies in Development Communication here.
(Reddy, D.Narnsimha; Sridhara, B.A.; Rao, B.S.S; Rahim, Abdur)







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