Problems and Issues in Development

Course: MA Journalism and Mass Communication
Semester: 2
Paper: Development Communication
Topic: Development Meaning and Concept

Problems and Issues in Development

The development works at a wider level. There could be so many development issues demanding identification, attention and care. Health and family welfare, social justice and empowerment, Human Resources Development, Rural Development, Urban Development, Development, Core-Sector Development, Industrial Development, Economic
Development, Science and Technology Development and Natural Resource Development are the issues which lead us to development at maximum possible levels.
When we talk about Health and Famly Welfare, there are so many issues which need development. These issues can be woman and child health problems, serious health concerns, Medical Services, Medical Institutions, Medical System, Medical researchers, Medicines, population growth, poverty and so on. HIV/AIDS, TB, Hepatitis, Malaria, Cardiac problems, Cancer, Respiratory diseases are just a few in the long list of health concerns.
Social justice and empowerment issues related to SC/ST welfare, weaker sections upliftment, protection of minorities, Social welfare, Social security, Food security, employment, women empowerment, Aged people care rehabilitation of migrants, disabled people care, juvenile justice, juvenile delinquency, child labour, child abuse, abandoned children, human rights, social evils and so on. Social development is necessary for national development.
Human resources Development issues involve education facilities at elementary and higher levels, Colleges, Universities, pro1essional studies/courses, literacy, adult education, youth welfare, women and child development educational system, archaeology, museums, archives, libraries, literature, Art, Fairs /Festival, anthropology, cultural studies, cultural value
system and so on. The list can further be expanded to any length and as human resources issues are endless and inter-linked and require mammoth understanding and finest approaches.
Urban and Rural development should be on equal lines. Rural development issues are as diverse as Urban development. Panchayati Raj institutions, rural health services, rural educational services, rural employment, rural technology, rural drinking water, rural sanitation, rural power supply, rural housing, rural connectivity, rural buildings, rural land
development, rural information and telecommunication setup. Rural resources are as much important. Urban development, urban local, bodies, Public sector undertakings, Civic amenities, town and country planning, housing, urban settlements, public offices, urbanisation, urban employment, and poverty alleviation are important development issues.
Another very important issue is agricultural development. Crop production, Pest management, Agrotechnology Irrigation, Water/soil conservation, food grain management, horticulture, floriculture, cooperation, agro-economy, farmer’s woes, agro-research and education, allied occupation, Food and Public distribution, consumers food industry and diversification are some of the Issues on which development practitioners formulate policies and programmes.
Core sector development issues are too large and significant for national development, Roads, bridges, railways, road transportation, airports, airways, coastal development, power projects, telecommunication mining, oil and natural gas etc are at the care of development.
Industrial and economic growth present economic health of a country. Heavy industries, Small-scale industries, industrial growth, technical education, industrial training, economic development etc. are the important issues of development.
Chemical sciences, Physical’sciences, Life sciences, Engineering science, Earth-system sCiences, atmospheric studies, researches, mathematical science, space studies/researches, information technology, glaciology, Defence researches/technology are the 1ssues which are worked upon to strengthen science and technology development.
Natural resources development issues are very important for human survival. Forest conservation, wildlife, rivers/oceans, environment awareness, pollution, hazardous substances management, natural disaster management, energy conservation, environment research education are certain major development issues.
The development issues are far wide and large. These issues can be as complex as is the process of development. Human existence, human relations, human values, lifestyles, physical and mental health, human psychology, and just the other development issues generating key interests everywhere in the World.

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