Sex sells seriously

In India three things has a great market, Cricket, Movies and Sex. You may be surprised to know that if we add a little bit of third in first two or in any other thing, then everything sells like a hot cake. But I know you would not be surprised because this fact is not at all a thing of surprise anymore for all of us.
Sunny Leone
I remember the days when Internet came to India and cyber cafes mushroomed around us in every big and small town. The biggest factor of income for most of the cyber cafes was sex (porn sites). Second comes the chatting, which directly or indirectly had the features of the first factor in it for a large number of youngsters. You all must be aware of this too. Oh ho!!! But now stop remembering the names of the websites and user ids you chatted with! Of course many of those ids sounding like female names were actually used by male users. Ha…ha..ha…ha…
The days are long past when these things used to happen in small closed cabins. Now it happens in drawing rooms. It has got social approval. Don’t you think so? Keep reading on. Remember the days when few years ago cheer girls were introduced in IPL cricket matches, we all were ogling our television screens waiting for fours and sixes…Oh!!! Actually for the cheer girls. Before that cricket was only men’s game and it had no extra glamour part in it. But when the celebrities from the glamour industry ventured into cricket world they tried to spice it up with the tadka of glamour. It was with the intention to give an ‘extra dose’ of entertainment during the cricket matches. And we all got that dose in much abundance. Right!!!
Similarly, in our times when the tragic story of Silk Smitha was narrated through celluloid it was sold with the sex masala. Though seduction was the integral part of her real life story and she lived upon her sex appeal. She died because she got nothing except seductive offers, though it was only a spec of her whole cosmos. But why to bother about other bigger things when we can do oh la la la… with that spec only?
These days Sunny Leone is the brand ambassador of this hot selling product and everyone in India is talking about her. Because she is a porn star thus the only thing which is discussed about her is sex. An incident related to her inspired me to write that post. Few days back one of my friend was reading a literary article online. News was flashing with the headline ‘few exclusive photographs of Sunny Leone’s Personal life’ beside that article. Another cool dude sitting next to him was curious to know what she does in her personal life. Does she wear clothes at her home or not. And much more I guess. He interrupted my friend in between and pressed him to click upon the link so that he could ‘see through’ her personal life through these photographs. Half agreed friend clicked on the link and kept on clicking the very next picture one after another. It was a big set back for the cool guy who was curious to watch these pictures. In the first picture Sunny Leone, draped in a full sleeve top and a black jacket, was fondly holding her dog in her arms. Further pictures were same but clicked in different poses and angles. Finally after reaching at the last photograph when he could not find anything of ‘his interest’, he said with his cunning smile, “I think she loves her dog too much.” Did you get the point? Even I am still clue less about what he wanted to say. Huh!!!
But what I know very much is that this was the secret, how sinking Bigg Boss in this season got highest TRP at the end. I can very well predict the handsome business for Mahesh Bhatt’s movie Jism 2 before it could be made. Simply because of Sunny Leone, when she is in; other things like script, story, other actors, music etc. becomes irrelevant for Indian audience. If you do not agree with me let me remind you about Abhishek Bachan’s Idea advertisement based on Indian population growth. ‘India Busy…So No Abaadi…’ What an idea Sir ji…’ Seriously!!!







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