Poetry – Give Me Freedom!

Free my soul
detained under the sight
of society
prisoned behind the bars
of question marks

Though, death is
not in my control
but set me free
to live

Even if I go bald
or mat my hairs
set me free
to save my head

Set me free
of the tags of brands
and flaunting the showy clothes
to go around naked

Let me live as
a man
a woman
or something else
set me free
from the identities of sex

Send me to an island
Where I can live
without a tag of

Set me free
from the poison of stale ideologies
give me the freedom
to tighten the fist
of my own thinking

Give me the freedom
to extinguish the fire
to extinguish the flames of hatred
dancing in the minds

Give me the freedom
to melt down the rocks
to thaw the hearts frozen in the chests

Give me the freedom
to set fire to water
I will boil the blood
that has turned ice-cold

Cut the shackles of
and the beastly gaudiness of society

Now the freedom of a country won’t suffice
bestow the freedom of the universe
upon me.

~Deep Jagdeep Singh

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