No ‘Sahara’ Needed for BCCI

Media has made BCCI-Sahara war bigger than Indo-Pak war. Even BCCI may be worried about the financial crisis and future of Indian Cricket team. I think BCCI should move on immediately by ignoring Sahara. I know it takes time to move on after ‘break-up’, but if it can take a chance to consider me seriously, the board will be relieved from all the tensions and controversies. I know it is not the story of a suspense thriller, so I spontaneously come to my point.

All the team members, the respectable, applaudable and commendable players are the valuable assets for BCCI. They serve the country and its corporate houses dutifully and with great regard by endorsing their products for handsome remunerations. They endorse every thing from shaving creams, motor bikes, chavanprash to liquor. They paint their bats, pads, gloves in the color of their sponsors. A day will come when Indian players will be spotted wandering at pubic places having tattoos of the various companies on their faces, arms, necks and at any other part of the body wherever they would be able to display. Why BCCI is worried about sponsors. (I don’t think it actually is. Media is more worried than BCCI). If it can rely upon its players it would be gainer. How could it not rely upon them? Of course they perform better at sponsorship field than at cricket field. Even if every star player starts contributing (I mean investing as sponsorship money) 20 % of his total income from commercials they would have enough money to sponsor the team. They can adopt the Bollywood formula. Nowadays it is common that stars of the movie are also the sponsors or financers of the venture. And in return they share profits. When there are many co-producers they share a deal in various copyrights. One has the overseas rights, another music rights, third television broadcasting rights and many more rights are still under the process of invention. Because budget of the movies is going up and also the number of partners increasing, they have to invent new money minting rights. Now apply this formula in the cricket. Imagine about the days when Sachin Tendulkar would be having the exclusive right of television broadcasting. To get match broadcasting deal the broadcasting ministry may try luring him by offering Bharat Ratan in return along with broadcasting fees. Next is Ajay Jadeja who may have the uniform sponsorship rights. Then he will paint all the dresses with the names of big movie production houses that have item girls in their movies. Of course he may expect a lead role in any movie and a chance to dance with item girl in an item song. Can’t you believe this? Then go and watch the movie Khel. Did you get the tail of Khel now? Lolz. Cricket is a khel (game) of money, played by big khilaris (Players) like Saurav Ganguly the Bengal tiger. Suppose he gets a share for bat sponsorship, he will crack a deal with tiger biscuit company, so that he can get supply of the shaktishali (Powerful) tiger biscuits for his own children till they grow up enough to sign a fresh deal. Now consider Rahul Dravid owns ground sponsorship, he will definitely have deal with cement company. Are you asking me, why? Don’t you know that he is known as wall, tootegi kaise, Ambuja cement se jo bani hai. The next name spins in mind is of the spinner Harbhajan Singh, our own Bhajji Bhaaji. He will surely fight to get the rights for pitch sponsorship. And can you dare to guess with whom he will be contracting to sponsor the pitch? Oh yes right. It was an easy guess. Yes it would be a liquor company. Then he will spill a truck full of his favorite brand of whisky around the pitch. And will dip his ball for a night before the match in the drum of same brand. Why? Are you again clueless? Oh ho!!! to spin his ball like a drunkard on the pitch. This is called real dusra style. Whisky in pitch and whisky in the ball and it has a dual spin. I have a long list of players, sponsorship rights and reasons for choosing them, but let me cut it short here now. Just try to solve that riddle Dhoni will have a tie-up with Javed Habib, Sehwag will rope in Sanjeev Kapoor, and Srisanth will have a contract with Bournvita Company. Why? Now I leave the ball in your court. You can suggest a deal for your own favorite player. Do not hesitate to add your suggestion in comments below.







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